Efficient platform for non-invasive deployment

BotSense system detects in real time the attempts to take over accounts and unauthorized financial transactions caused by malware that has infected computers of e-banking service users. The system available in two forms: VM and Appliance models.

Transparent system architecture

BotSense generates JavaScript code that detects web-injects on the bank customers computers on the basis of the signature database provided by NASK. JavaScript code is generated for each web browser request on the basis of which it is verified whether malware interference has occurred.

System depicts system architecture
Symboliczne zdjęcie interjesu komputerowego systemu

Intuitive system management interface

BotSense system has a dedicated administrative interface for system management and monitoring of detected incidents. Additionally, the implemented API interface enables integration with the security information and event management systems (SIEM).

Non-invasive system implementation

BotSense system does not collect any information on bank’s customers while remaining in full administration and management within the bank's infrastructure. In order to protect the BotSense system from detection by malware, the code is hidden using various techniques, selected and configured on the server-side.


Detecting web-injects targeted at e-banking

International cooperation concerning the exchange information on threats to online banking as well as advanced analysis of malware samples carried out in the operational mode are collected and used to develop BotSense signatures. At NASK these activities are handled by CERT Polska team.

Comfort of work

The system is fully transparent for Internet banking users and does not require the installation of any additional software

Unique threat database

Unique database of signatures, updated in 24/7 mode, relating to threats directed at the Polish banking sector

Non-invasive implementation

Quick implementation of the system that does not require advanced integration with online banking systems


About NASK

NASK carries out the scientific and research & development activities, mainly in the field of security, reliability and efficiency of the ICT networks. The commercialization of research works and operational competence related to monitoring threats to the Polish Internet space have resulted in developing the BotSense system.

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